Name Author Description Type
SwordFish 1.3 KasreynEncrypts messages with a 128-bits blowfish encryption. Keeps track of messages in a logfile marked with date and sender.Script:Perl 0.1 Juan Jose Natera is a small script, special for IRC RPG gamers, it can roll any type of die with modifiers, give it a try, more features plannedScript:Perl
Sysinfo-dg 1.0 David LeadbeaterA system info script, which tries to be fairly similar to moo.dll (the output i've seen anyway). Can do colours and graphs, and is highly configurable (see the readme for more). Some ideas where taken from /sinfo by Laurens Buhler and Alain van Acker. (but all but about two lines of code are mine).Script:Perl
BuDuScRiPt 2.6.00 UDA'SoftwareFull featured plug-in. The download page contain many add-on for X-Chat 2 (separated from the main plugin BuDuScRiPt), like "removecolors", "maxquery", "ignorelist", and more. See official forum for more info:
blowjob 0.8.5 iMiladds transparent blowfish en-/decryption capabilities to xchat. an xchat- and irssi versions exist. for testing, /join #blowtest on irc.freenode.orgScript:Perl
azureus 0.0.1 fulgasxchat script to read azureus stats through xml over http pluginScript:Perl
utf8-iso8859-15 1.01 Speulertrivial modifications to Gustavo Niemeyer's, to convert to ISO-8859-15 (Western Europe with EUR symbol)Script:Python
Edit 1.0 Steven ElliottA X-Chat script to bring up an external editor so that the line being composed can be edited in that editor.Script:Perl
Joins 1.1 Steven Elliott"An X-Chat script that, once loaded, handles the ""/joins [(file>]"" command by joining each channel listed in $HOME/.xchat/channels/(file>."Script:Perl
typogen 0.1 enomake random typos, configurable in the sourcePlugin
WilRot13 0.1 Willem PenninckxEasy script to put rot13 in channels. (corrently only channels). (with /rot13 [message]). If someone else say a rot13 message, using the right format, it translate to normal-languageScript:Perl
TiMER SCRiPT 0.1 sikor_sxelil script for issuing a certain command in intervalsScript:Perl
AutoAway 0.1 Rasmus B. NielsenThe script maks you as away on a server when you havn't said a thing in 10 min, on the server. And unmaks you away when you said somthing on the server. You can also chance the away 'timer', turn the script on/off runtime. Script:Perl
Shit/Trout-script 1.0 Jonatoon"Does the ""mirc-slap"" or throws a random size of shit at the victim."Script:Perl
Merelove and hAcKhEoPs 1.2.2 hAcKhEoPsnew version, code corrections, but still lot todo...Script:Perl
xchat-fortune 0.1 Aaron WalkerSimple plugin that pipes the output of fortune into the current channel. Assumes the fortune binary is installed.Plugin
AutoGreet 0.02 korpiqAutomatically give ops/voice, send message or run commands when given user joins channel(s). Separate versions for XChat 1.x and 2.x. Script:Perl
PerlEval 0.02 korpiq"/PERL for running perl commands inside X-Chat; save() and load() for persistence of hashes in conf files."Script:Perl 0.1 Kelly HarndenReally simlple away log. Logs all /msg's to the user while they are away. Working on adding some features. Haven't tested much yet, but AFAIK it works as is.Script:Perl
pyxmms-xchat 0.0.1 CHEA Laurent"Xmms remote using the pyxmms python module. It provides the common control operations, and also provides title display, /eject and a ""/msend nickname"" command that directly sends to the specified nickname the current played song."Script:Python
blue / white 1 CodeBarrea theme with my screeshot as exemple...Theme
JXmms 0.18 M.DerezynskiJXmms is another XMMS script for X-Chat, it's main purpose is complete control of XMMS from X-Chat, and not only track announce to the channel. It supports wildcard searching trough the playlist, as well as enqueuing from disk and full playlist control trough X-Chat, volume control and much more.Script:Perl
google (link fixed) 1.1 manciniextensive google searching script with configurable numbers of searches , displays , name of user/chanel to be noticed and type of OS to search on Script:Perl
XCDict 0.1.0beta Phill LXCDict is an interface to RFC2229 Dictionary servers, and local ASpell libraries. Provides /spell for simple spell checking, and /define for word definition. Requires perl modules Net::Dict and Text::Aspell. Please read XCDict.txt for full details. Script:Perl 0.3.0 Paydon"This script maintains a separate tab into which ""whois"" information is printed. It is meant to be similar to the ""Whois Tome"" window used by the mIRC script ""Peace & Protection"". "Script:Perl
X-Chat Folding @ Home WU stats 0.1 moonlitfireThis script displays your folding @ home WU info in xchat. Script:Perl
ModoLimit 0.0.3 MrJacKMy first Xchat script and Perl too :) Limit channel with +l mode against joined flood or clones attack. Some bugs but this first release seems to work.Script:Perl
M[X]S 0.2.0 MUDThis Script includes XMMS Song Display and some system information display to a channel, Nick Notify Sounds and more... (tar zvfx in your home path)Script:Perl
Another Xmms Control Script .99 Ron PowellThis is another Xmms control script for xchat. Features: Turn xmms on (with optional playlist)/off Display current song (/me) Volume up/down by x% Track up/down play/pause/stop playback toggle repeat/shuffle This is my first globally released script, so feel free to make suggestions, etc. REQUIRES: Xmms:Bundle. Written in perl.Script:Perl

Name Author Description Type
Shitlist Handler 0.0.2-alpha Eric JonesGrabs a users information on join, checks the nickname to a file you create (e.g. shitlist.txt). If it finds the user, it bans the nickname, kicks them, then bans the hostname. This is my first script :) Additions soon. For more information view the file itself.Script:Perl
HippyScript 1.0rc1 The_WoundedCollection of many scripts, that have been enhanced n modified, also added custom stuff. Xmms Auto Announce, System Info, Slaps, Kicks and more.Script:Perl
Portuguese System Info for PPC 0.2 OSxModified version of the system-info script. (PPC and in portuguese)Script:Perl
Improved Kennify 0.3 Erich Schubert"Improved Kennify script with cleaner conversion commands and support for german ""umlaute""."Script:Perl
Improved Rot-X 0.3 Erich SchubertROT-x encoding and un-encoding of messages. Improvements include support for partially rot-encoded lines, and not-encoding of the nick (so highlighting works)Script:Perl
DMNRot13 0.1.0 DaMouse NetworksRot13 Convertor for xchat :)Script:Perl
Simple Uptime Script 1.0 William F. Reading"There are numerous ""sysinfo"" scripts out there, but all I wanted was a simple script to display my uptime. I took one of these sysinfo scripts, discovered that I didn't like the way it showed uptime, so I rewrote it and this was what I came up with."Script:Perl
ptnet and ptlink identify 1.0.0 g0shThis quick hack permits one to identify in the ptnet and ptlink portuguese networks using the nickserv :bScript:Perl
w4rl0orD.c 0.1 Axioplase"just a quick plugin so that you can quickly write as a true warlord... simply do ""/w your sentence"" but don t abuse it!"Plugin
Script Collection 1.0 :pragmaA collection of scripts including: system information (sysinfo), google search bot, last seen bot, mp3 song displayer (xmms), block queries/pmsgs that are not authorized (anti-msg), and a few others!Script:Perl
anti-msg .01 :pragma# Notice: This is a pre-release version. It is functional, but not 100% complete. Some features are missing/lacking. # Purpose: Ignores all incoming /msgs unless you first grant permission to someone with /pmsg. # Usage: /pmsg (nick> (message> (Gives permission to (nick> to message us.)Script:Perl
TeamUnixIRC 1.0.0 ProphetSee Readme
MoxCheat 1.0 dekiThis module allows you to cheat in IRC quiz games using MoxQuizz. Further details are located in the sourcefile.Plugin
APEX 1.0 Aaron Reichow"APEX = Arbitrary Perl Evaluation for X-Chat. Allows one evaluate perl expressions from within exchat, printing them to the console or to the channel. Great for math! Load the module, and execute ""/eval help"" for information."Script:Perl
Looper 1.0 AaronRepeats commands given an interval time in seconds, and the number of times to repeat.Script:Perl
X login service 1.0 bugghyLogs in a user to undernet's service XScript:Perl
Cursed Tape IRC Script 0.3 industriestahlfunscript for xchat. it slap, dance, hate, love, fortune and makes jokes.Script:Perl
Valhala Script 1.5.2 KromThe now famous script "Valhala" is now out with a new, IMPROVED version. It is tested up to xchat 1.8.10, but WILL work on 1.9.x. The main feature, is that it is now a LOT easier to confgure it, since ALL variables are now located in ONE file, and not in each module like before. The commands now include, xmms administration, random reason kick, random reason ban from files, random kick with propability, ftp, LimeWire, browser, and information. Fun commands, like l33t speech, asc speech, reverse speech, coded text that only other valhala scripts understand. Also added SENSORS commands, to use with LM-sensors, and 7 more channel management commands, like finding ircops in channel, idle users, clones, and more :) Please sent feedback.Script:Perl
wanp 1.2 Jyrki Muukkonenwinamp - now playing script. uses httpq winamp plugin and lwp perl library. sample output: np: safri duo - played a live [00:37/06:45] check out the httpq website: Script:Perl
FoxyAway 0.7 foxaway script, based on AIAXcript but multi-server aware. note, that I have stripped off xmms and anti-idle support, but it can be easily merged in from aiax if you want to.Script:Perl
Trivial 1.0 Isaac ClerenciaXChat Trivial script (just a better version of IRCap (maybe mIRC)'s one)Script:Perl
mp3get 1.0.g followera script to automate file downloads from fserves, useful for downloading mp3s on undernet.Script:Perl
Netload 0.1 StarlonThis is a script that keeps track of network load.Script:Perl
HBXDCC2 2.09 Martin HeimlichBugfix releaseScript:Python
Kapitalize 0.1 Marius OlogesaThis capitalizez the first letter of all phrases of a 'to be send' line. A phrase ends with . ! or ?. Also adds a . in the end.Script:Perl
i2x - iTunes to XChat 0.10 Stuart GilbertA perl script, and an iTunes plugin (by localhost) to output your current song to the current channel.Script:Perl
Q3launcher 0.1 DigitaL"A simple ""/q3 ip:port command"" command to run quake3 from xchat."Script:Perl
DEWrap 1.1 jamDEwrap DLL plugin for XChat (Windows only!). This wrapper dll allows XChat for windows to use the darkengine sysinfo dll to display windows system information to a chat channel. It also displays winamp info. The darkenginex.dll is REQUIRED and can be found at Changelog for 1.1: - Enabled the Motherboard Monitor 5 functions - Created a custom /sysinfo that has no coloured output - Moved the coloured output /sysinfo to /sysinfo2 - Added help text to describe what each command doesPlugin
aliasesTCL 1.2.8 Jeremya release of my best work since my last release, includeing mass commands and an onjoin voice system and a kicklist.Script:TCL 0.1 netcatuse at your own riskScript:Perl

Name Author Description Type
XMMS Control 0.3 ka24C plugin for Xchat 1.9.x to control XMMS.Script:Perl
/LINKS Improved 0.0.1 Tiziano FurlanAn improved version of the /LINKS commandScript:Perl
xchat_cat 0.1 DrNIActs like 'cat' on the Un*x command line. Could be useful as a very simple example for learning to code xchat scripts in Perl, too.Script:Perl
xchat_morse 0.1 DrNIConverts stuff you say to Morse code. Silly game, huh? *g* Well some de-Morse function will perhaps follow...Script:Perl
teikon sysinfo script 0.1 teikonDies ist ein deutsches Sysinfo Skript das aud kc8apf script aufbaut. Es ist etwas abgespeckt und nicht mehr unter freeBSD lauffaehig.Script:Perl
Onion's Invincible IRC Script 0.3 Jonghwa YooPython Script for xchat2 sysinfo and other toy scriptScript:Perl
urlgrabber 0.1 mihiAdds urls to a file in a html style.Script:Perl
ConMon 2.3 ongeborenIrcOp script. Separate tabs for connecting/exiting clients, services glines, operator gline requests and wallops. Easy operwall/locops use. Diferent colors for different things to increase visibility and speed up the understanding of what happens in the network. Full documentation in the script as a comment.Script:Perl
X-Chat Calculator 1.0 UniXXerA simpel script that can calculate things like 10 + 2. Usage: "/calc 10 + 2" and in the current channel will apprear: "Ergebnis 10 + 2 = 12" *gG* I am working on a public method (!calc) but i need help with the message handler ... i don't understand it :D So HF with that stuffScript:Perl
Pyxgle 0.10 ArielPyxgle permite buscar en Google desde Xchat. Puedes encontrarlo en 0.0.1 SlashdotA script that warns a person after repeating a line twice. Based on by Vetinari.Script:Perl
acsAudioHilight 0.0.2 Alexander A. ProtasovSound on private and hilights.Script:Perl
acsAutoIdentify 0.0.1 Alexander A. ProtasovPerl: Auto Nick registration for RUSnet. (Support multiple nicks with different passwords and multiple servers)Script:Perl
X-Chat Startup 0.5 ZerotheosAllows you to run a batch of commands for each server you connect to. Read the header on the source for usage. I should also mention that I've delayed submitting this, as I would assume X-Chat could execute more than one command at connect, but try as I might, I have not found a way to do this. So I wrote this. Hope it helps someone else as much as it helps me. Also, if there really is a way to do this within X-Chat, _please_ let me know.Script:Perl
CWirc 1.8.7 Pierre-Philippe Coupard / F8EJFX-Chat plugin and frontend (Linux, FreeBSD and NetBSD) to transmit raw Morse and DOT code over IRC, featuring a full GUI interface, morse keying with the mouse or a real key connected to a serial port, playback through the soundcard or an external sounder box, virtual channels, S-meter, multilingual automatic morse decoder, iambic keyer, sounder emulation, propagation simulation, extension interface ...Plugin
parrot 0.0.5 Pierre-Philippe CoupardX-Chat plugin that repeats exactly what someone says, with a delay.Plugin
LamerList 1.1 WeevilUpdate to allow you to download lamers from the Global Lamer List. Also added config file and the ability to turn OFF the annoying blinking. has a link to the README.Script:Perl
Privblock 0.1 John R. HicksPrivate message block script for xchat 2.0Script:Perl
zippyIRC.tag.gz v0.1b Anorasoft"a small .pl script to echo ""Zippy the Pinhead"" files in your irc channel. can be a /zip command or will also work as a /ctcp reply"Script:Perl
X-Chat Controller 0.2 Nick JControl iTunes from xchat, you can play, stop, pause, show current song in irc, random song, play next/previous song, mute, also has userlist buttons. This version increases the response time of commands. Requires X-Chat AquaScript:Perl
SYN/ACK 0.1 GXTiAutomatically responds to SYN in channel and PM with ACK. Totally useless!Script:Perl
BigToeCult MultiMedia Serving 1.6alpha LeGrandMeaulnesMultiMedia Serving script for xchat. Some pretty serious bugs changes since the original release. If you download and encounter problems, please post in the forum on the homepage. Thanks.Script:Perl
BTCserve 1.2alpha LeGrandMeaulnesThis is a multimedia (designed with ogg and mp3 in mind) serving script for xchat. No frills. This is still in alpha development, but I have had it running for several weeks under xchat 1.8.7Script:Perl 1.0 Colin SmithA win32 script at last! This will play a sound on certain words without xchat hanging, also an iexplore command for launching urls. You will need to change some paths and sounded words.Script:Perl
chiXmms 0.4-xchat "Mariusz ""Craig"" Cieśla"Just another XMMS handler for XChat.Script:Perl
xcrypt 0.1 SLaK`Very cool and simple encryption script requires nothing to run, allows multiple users running the script to talk with encrypted text via /x text to encrypt and /dx encrypted text to decrypt. Download this one now!!!Script:Perl
Omsg Script 1.1 Tony MotakisX-chat has an issue of showing op messages as private messages, even though it shows op notices correctly. This little script when used causes X-Chat to correctly show op messages (like mIRC does). It even add's an /omsg command, but using it is not recomended as you will confuse other X-Chat users that don't have this script.Script:Python
the simple XMMS conrol 1.0.0 crashmana simpler xmms control, without any feature or required software. Its based on the xmms console control.Script:Perl
XCrap 1.0 Beta CatfishMP3 playing (and attempts sharing but not very well) script. Requires XChat 1.4.x series or lower.Script:Perl
WIMP CTCP 0.1b Michael DalesWIMP CTCP request handler for xchatScript:Perl

Name Author Description Type
asoka 3.05 boredomasoka is a public-trigger based file serving script for X-Chat 2.x, similar to SDFind, Features: listmaking w/ MP3 info support, @find, @nick-que and @nick-sends, reliable queue management and error management. New in 3.05: win32 compatibility, CTCP MP3 autovoicing, restrict access to +v/+o, various minor fixesScript:Perl
Content-Ignore 0.0.1 David ReidA content based ignore script using regular expression and written in Python. (Yes the python interface isn't completely useless.)Script:Perl
Reconnect 1.01 Guardian BobThis script will allow you to store all your login information for a number of servers, and will even re-login if you get disconnected.Script:Perl
Away Logger 0.2 JeeLogs private messages, and channel messages when your nick is said while you are away. ***Highly Beta Script, for testing purpose. And I need feedback / bugs reports***Script:Perl
Xmms Controller 1.1 JeeAllow you to control Xmms via xchat, and can automatically or manually display the current song. You can now decide what to display or not. ***Fixed the "- -" bugs when a var has a null value [it won't display this section], restructuration so it uses less memory. Script:Perl
CTCPSoundIgnore 1.0 José María MateosThis script ignores all CTCP Sound requests, and the subsequent song info being printed on screen.Script:Perl
FTPad 1.0 coprophiliac"Simple FTPad script to advertise your FTP on IRC by a common trigger, e.g. ""!list"""Script:Perl
quotetastic 1.1 zeetquotetastic is a quote generator for X-Chat. It reads your log file and then messages the current channel with quote from the selected user, or if no user is provided, a random quote. It also does random actions.Script:Perl
Google Query 0.3 David Williams"This script does a query of Google's database of over 3 billion web pages using Google's own web API. It uses the SOAP::Lite perl module and was largely taken from code published in the recently released O'Reilly book entitled ""Google Hacks""."Script:Perl
gen_Xchat v0.8 ph4741_3rr0rCan't take the credit for this one, but thought I would submit it anyway for those interested (/me peers @ weevil). Is an Xchat Winamp plug-in I found on some german site (hope you don't mind Sven). Simply does a '/me plays song' from Winamp into Xchat. Configure it via Winamp's Options > Preferences > Plug-ins > General Purpose. For more info, it comes with nice English instuctions upon installing. Enjoy !!Script:Perl
Win32SysInfo v1.01 ph4741_3rr0r"Win32 Sysinfo script that displays OS, Uptime, CPU type & speed, RAM & Swap usage, Disk usage, Resolution & Current Time. Install instructions contained in .zip file ;)"Script:Perl 1.0 Rendler RobertA very simple nickserv auto-ident script, nice example of a small perl script.Script:Perl 1.0 Robert RendlerA script that starts an xterm window with your favourite editor to input text. Text will be stripped of newlines and multiple spaces so you get a nice clean paste from any copied source.Script:Perl
rmp3p 2.0 Robert RendlerA simple mp3 script that can use any player you want, has a nice search as well.Script:Perl
Cow: The moo.dll wrapper 1 Anthony Cassidy aka TimmyCow - The moo.dll wrapper This windows only plugin wraps around moo.dll to provide its functionality under x-chat. :DPlugin
Sky-Script 0.92 Ulrich WiederholdNew Version of my SPR_like MP3-ServerScript for xchat. It now uses a mysql database to store the files. Much better and faster search engine now, many other new features.Script:Perl
Resolver Jaakko VäyrynenResolves hosts names to nicks and back. Finds only users on the channels you are on. Now supports UltimateIRCd host encryption used e.g. in irc-chatScript:Perl
Resolver for X-Chat 1.8.9 0.0.5 Jaakko VäyrynenResolvers hostnames to nicks using user lists on channels you are on. Supports UltimateIRCd style hostname crypting/decrypting.New: better database handling using joins/parts/352sScript:Perl
SysInfo 2.78 David RudieCross platform/architecture system information script. Works on Linux, Mac OS X, and *BSD as well as on many different architectures for each OS. Enjoy.Script:Perl
autosed 0.1 Eduardo Pereira Habkostautosed is a plugin that automatically interprets string replacement sed scripts (s/foo/bar/) that people usually type on irc when they make a typo.Script:Perl
GeoCards 0.84 PistosA script to facilitate the playing of card games. Full documentation at
Backfire 1.0 BackdraftMy frist script has a nice /means function so if people dunno what brb and stuff means it tells themScript:Perl
Back-serv 1.0 BackdraftA script that saves you time from typing /msg nickserv (command> to /n(command> chanserv and nickserv supported so far.Script:Perl
Xkeeper + Add-ons version 3.0 Jungle RatSee url for infoScript:Perl
kc8apf's Sysinfo 0.7 Rick AltherrNew update to this FreeBSD and Linux system info script. This release contains a bugfix for multiple network cards under Linux (it actually picks the one in use for your internet connection). Also, the output format has been changed slightly for better appearance.Script:Perl
Really hacked sysinfo 0.5 Rick AltherrA modified version of whoo's hacked up sysinfo script. Rewrote almost all the internals to speed it up and also got it to work with FreeBSD as well as Linux. Supports lmsensors on Linux and lmmon on FreeBSD (needs to be set-uid root).Script:Perl
XMMS-Show 1.0 wulkThis is a simple script which shows the current song in XMMS. It requires the Xmms Perl Modul (get it at
XMMS Current File Random Quote 1.0 K. EngelDisplays a random quote along with the current song playing in XMMS. Use the XMMS songchange plugin, and change the home path.Script:Perl
AutoXQF 1.0b DraitXchat 1.9+ C plugin similar to Perl script. Gets game server information from ~/.qf/LaunchInfo.txt and will broadcast it to anyone that sends you a /msg nick !game.Script:Perl
X-Control 1.9 coder or coder_C Plugin para el Control del bot de servicios de canales de En esta versión se arreglaron algunos fallos, y se ha añadido la opción en /xlogin para poner o no modo +x (eg. /xlogin username password 0 evita que se ponga el modo +x). Dudas y comentarios, Red Undernet - #LinuxMerida | #Programadores. Espero pronto terminar con la versión 2 de este pequeño proyecto.Plugin

Name Author Description Type
X-Control Inputs 1.0 coder / coder_TCL Script para XChat 2 que implementa el uso de comandos directos al canal al estilo 'inputs' del cliente para irc usado en Windows... :)Script:TCL
SystemInfo 1.1 apoca|ypseSystemInfo script for xchat that displays xfree86 version,video card, driver exts,motion buffer size, resoluion, bits, network interfaces, sound card, and many other things.Script:Perl
Orical 1.0 RubinOrical is nothing fancy, just some basic formatting improvements and conveniance commands. If you don't normally use any script, this is the script for you.Script:Perl
Channel-Tools 1.0 ManAtWorkEin simples script zum anmelden beim nickserv und zum schnellen joinen mehrerer channels. nützlich für alle mirc-umsteiger und die leute die keinen bnc haben. beliebig erweiterbar. Script:Perl
mIRC Theme v1.0 Mandor`It's a little theme for Xchat. The texts and the colors are mIRC like.Script:Perl 0.1 tribute to r0nkers"Script that does a random action like : ""/me pulls the stick"" where all data i ""r0nk related"". "Script:Perl 1.0a Allan PrestonA small script that allows you to autoload scripts from other directories, as well as the xchat2 directory. Useful on win32 machines running xchat2 where the xchat2 directory is buried in a hidden system directory.Script:Perl
md5identify 2.0a Allan K PrestonProvides an md5 identification function for or a normal identify for other networks. Written my Milambar, find me in #sorcery on irc.sorcery.netScript:Perl
clipboard_script 1.0.0 Miroslav Madzarevic# simple technique demonstrating clipboard paste written for my friend # you can extend it for example to filter pasted text in some way # (sign, encrypt etc.) and than display it on channel # requires xclip program Script:Perl
Crisalida Ascii Script 0.1.0 GammexaneMy First Script in spanish with some Ascii art and sound when somebody say your current nickScript:Perl
X-iTunes 0.1b JudasA short script for controlling itunes from X-Chat. Requires Mac::iTunes to run.Script:Perl
xchat_warn 1.0 Pádraig BradySends a popup message when someone references you directly.Script:Python
killparser 1.9 Frank AltpeterLittle script to parse the output on IRCNET channel &KILLS. Does simplify output of server and operator kills (each can be optionally activated) and provides statistical summary of top 10 operator kills.Script:Perl
The Kenny Translator v0.1 Macrotron (Hans Freitag)This script provides the /kenny command to convert text to southpark/kenny language. It's like the original kenny translator: May the source be with you!Script:Perl
AME/AMSG 0.1 Ricardo BugalhoSimple override of /AME and /AMSG commands so they'll only send messages to the current server.Script:Python
NoSpam 0.3.1 Ricardo BugalhoStatefull spam filter: simple, effective and very unintrusive.Script:Python
PTNet 0.4 Ricardo BugalhoSupport for PTNet's NickServ: automatic identify/loginScript:Python
Antispamchan 1.0 korutChannel antispam protection system, with bantime, kickcounter and ban reason on a channel.Plugin 0.3 Decklin provides stubs for the X IRC::foo functions defined in perl.c, so you can test your script without starting X-Chat.Script:Perl
xmms_remote v1.x Chris Crowther"An XMMS Remote control plugin for X-Chat; check for the latest version and revision history."Script:Perl
Self Serve 1.3 Dave HusebyA handy script for mirroring fservs. When you want all the files in a specific directory or fserv, use this script.Script:Perl
Exar Script 2.0 SirExarAn xchat2 script which includes numerous text manipulations, away and back features randomized kick functions and the ability for other users to look up things on using !linuxdoc.Script:Perl
AutoAway 13 think, moded by DigiDemonWorks with xchat2 with ONE server only (read readme)Script:Perl
Whois In Chan 0.1 John MitchellThis plugin will remove the whois from appearing in the status bar and will make whois's appear in active window. It will also color in the text. Plugin 0.1 The MooIRC Development Team"The only Xchat Uptime Script that works with the Win32 Port. Thats right it has finally been done. We are working on a Win32 Xchat System Info Its release date is unknown. Enjoy jo0 windowz h0rz ;/"Script:Perl
Azureus Stat Reader 0.1 WilliamPlugin to read XML files from Azureus. Requires libxml and xml2.Script:Perl
DIME 0.1 DagoA little X-Chat script for receiving something like instant messages from shellscripts, cronjobs etc. Script:Perl
irc.protocol 0.1 Robert Gogolokirc.protocol makes it possible to use irc://any-server/any-channel links (in KDE/konqueror) with xchat. If you click on the irc-url, a new xchat instance will be opened and xchat will try to connect the specified server as long as you have disabled the server list at startup.Other
TSN-Client 1.0a Thunderjust a little script to imitate the TSN mirc client. Queries the Team Sportscast Network's servers to find out current cast e-sports games and also whats coming up. Still in ALPHA stages but due to be finished very soonScript:Perl
sys-bsd 0.1 damaster@hushmail.comsys info for *bsd test and be free to flame contact me at just /whois DaMasteR` :PScript:Perl

Name Author Description Type
sysinfo-openbsd 1.0 Damaster@suriparty.orgsysinfo voor openbsd verry betaScript:Perl
TCL_Aliase .3 Chasman away system alias, and some basic mIRC stuff with an on text example.Script:TCL
X-Filter 1.0 TriforceOfMusic"This script can be used to set up a ""censor"" or ""badwords"" list, to filter+replace those words in incoming messages. I couldn't find anything like it in the list here, so I thought I'd write my own. Here it is! Enjoy!"Script:Perl
Internet Time Stuart"A simple little script for displaying the internet time in XChat. Please tell me of any bugs or huge gaping errors. Just load the script and type ""/itime"". Simple."Script:Perl
Slap 1.1 Vortec"Just a simple slap script. Supports ""a large trout"" and user-given things to slap with."Script:Python
crypt 1.0 rodney mulraneyA script that a group of users can have to send encrypted messages through chat. Users must have the same key to understand each other's messages. This is not a script that overides everything you type, you have to use /send to send an encrypted message. Script:Perl
X-Chat Announce 1.0 Chris FlaniganWin32 XChat + WinAmp announce script.Script:Perl
XChat DNS 1.0 Chris FlaniganThis is a simple script to do hostname to IP conversion in Win32 XChat.Script:Perl
DNS 2 Peter ZeleznyPlugin for Windows-xchat that gives you the /DNS command, to lookup hostnames and IP numbers. Plugin
Exec 0.9 Peter"A plugin for /EXEC on Windows. Also supports ""-o"" flag and /EXECKILL. "Plugin
XChat MailCheck 1.0 Chris FlaniganChecks any POP3 server for e-mail for a user.Script:Perl
XChat Translator 1.0 Chris FlaniganXChat Translator translates any word, phrase or sentence given at the XChat command line.Script:Perl
XChat Uptime 1.0 Chris FlaniganThis simply gets the uptime of your Windows machine and displays it in the active channel per user request.Script:Perl
xchatrb 0.3 Gustavo J. A. M. Carneiro/psong command to print the song currently playing on RhythmBox.Script:Python
xist 1.0.0 zilver HellbergA small theme with a neat font. xist in 2k3! Screenshot can be found over at
Random Object Slap 0.1.1 Jeremiah HoltThis script is simlar to the trout slap script but it choose's at random from a list of object to slap with.Script:Perl
System Uptime 1.0.0 ScythShows your system's uptime eg: 20:20:19 up 1 day, 2:08, 3 users, load average: 0.44, 0.32, 0.21Script:Perl
MODN's Weather Script 0.1 MODNA simple script parsing for current weahter data. Features include weather for the current and next day. Easily customizeable through manipulation of the URL to be parsed. The script is still alpha, maybe I will extend its features. Feel free to mail suggestions and corrections.Script:Python
m[osX]s for Xchat-Aqua 1.2 juan rojasSystem info script for Xchat, also displays mp3 info for Itunes. Displays mem, hd temp prc mhz type of mac etc ONLY for OSX 10.3 and Xchat-Aqua 0.13Script:Perl
Nickkiller 1.0 No_BiscuitIf someone sends inunterrupted lines of text to channels this script will only add the nick to the first line of text. Ive no idea why its needed but was sort of asked for on xchat forums. (A work in progress) Script:Perl
Folding@home Stats 1.0 DaNeStats script for Folding@Home a very simple one line only (no flood or something like that) and with a lot of options. Folding: http://www.stanford.eduScript:Python
Blink v0.2 photekA plugin that flashes the scroll lock LED when a message is sent to the channel (or a hilight is triggered) and X-Chat itself is not the active window. This might be usefull when you are playing a game or watching a movie on your computer.Plugin
X-Sys 1.0.5 mikeshoupThis is X-Sys, a system information ( sysinfo ) plugin for Linux.Script:Perl
Insult script (swedish version) 0.1 alpha Gidzz0rTranslation to swedish of a insult script i found here..Script:Perl 0.0.1 TrugaShoutcast currently streaming advertizing scriptScript:Python
Hilight/Notice Trap 0.1 BiscuitTraps Notices and displays them in a seperate window, same for highlighted msgs/actions(preserves event in original channel). Configurable for more than one server. Script:Perl
SoundOff 1.0 John WingenbachEnables the playing of Sound files and highlights messages according to predefined regular expressionsPlugin
TinyExpand 1.0 Brad AndersonQuick script to replace incoming messages' TinyURLs with the URL they point to (useful to avoid being tricked into going to certain know the ones I mean :)).Script:Python
Neptune 1.0 DaRkNeSsTheme for X-Chat 2.4.0, based on dark blue ( sees section Downloads ) - Tema para X-Chat 2.0.4, basado en azul oscuro ( vea la seccion de Descargas )Theme
QChallenge 0.4 LodeThis script uses the challenge authentication in QuakeNet's Q bot, so no cleartext password is sent over the network.Script:Python

Name Author Description Type
s-list 1.5a spiderThis is only a _modification_ to madragoran's s-list. Fixes paths for X-Chat2 and bans on kick -- isn't that point anyways? =)Script:Perl
IgnoreTriggers 0.1 amanoIf enabled it ignores all Triggers send to a channel (messages starting with a '!').Plugin
xcident 0.1a B Sapundjievxcident identify yourself to NS from config file when you have connect to server or change your nickname Plugin
TransBot 2.0 Cancel (Jason Powell)Rewrite of the Perl TransBot in Python. Better autotranslation support for autotranslating text from multiple nicks and simpler syntax. Comes with a stand alone module that can be used with other applications outside of xchat.Script:Python
Blackmore's reactor 8.0 Simeon SimeonovAdvanced response script. Enables you to create your own response rules. New lines and macros. The script is now taking advantage of the new X-Chat Perl interface.Script:Perl
gyXDCCtools 0|0|4d gekixdcc bot leeching script. please help for improvements, thanks.Script:Perl
Wallopmove 1.0 Dustin HeimerlMoves wallops from the current tab to the server tab, to make them easier to see. Rename the file from .txt to .pyScript:Python
Dictionary look up 0.1 Leif LinseDoes it takes to long time to switch to your browser and look up a word, you don't understand? Then this is the right plugin for you. Be sure to read the instructions inside the .py file. Currrently you have to edit the .py file to select which languages you want to use. (default: english, english->swedish and swedish->english)Script:Python
blue 1.0 chris.Nice theme, uses mainly blue, green, and white, and a tad of red.Theme
Amarok Announce 0.1 Stephen PaulgerAdds a /amarok command which lets the user announce the details of the track they are listening to. "* aimaz is listening to Brainslug - Pissant (Tisane)" for example.Script:Perl
url grabber 1.0 tfeThis is an URL grabber who stock the urls to a sql table. You can see the result here: The script is available here , but you have to create an table and edit the connection settings to the sql server.Script:Perl
xmms-title 0.3 L. Alberto GiménezAdds /MUSIC command, which shows the title of the song being played by xmms. Needs xmms-infopipe plugin.Plugin
gyXDCCtools 0|0|5b gekixdcc bot leeching script. please help for improvements, thanks.Script:Perl

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